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Free Session in SAUDI ARABIA

Over the past few months, between 15 and 16 of our candidates have attempted and cleared the OET exam which give us a success rate of 92.3% and thus, we are humbled. We assure you that it will be very rewarding to coordinate our classes through online. There’s no question that anyone who takes a training on any course will benefit from the lessons.

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Our Features

Morning and Night batches
Detailed Writing Corrections
Free Books

We guide nurses for reaching their desired destinations through our training program. The lessons being covered are relevant and the assessments are particularly valuable allowing them to focus and anticipate corrections as though they are on the job. Our training style allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience for all who participated.

  • Our OET total course fee is ₹11,500 (INR) including books couriered within India.
  • Our IELTS total course fee is ₹10,000 (INR)

Treat Yourself To A Healthy Platform

We have provided fantastic service right from the initial stage when looking at the various options for Language testing exams (OET & IELTS), healthcare recruitment and Study Abroad. We maintain a friendly environment discussing exactly what a nurse want to achieve, rather than just trying to push them towards a pre-defined course. You can definitely approach us for all of your career needs.

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