Passive Sentences: Structure

1. present simple

am/are/is + past participle

Antibiotics are not prescribed for viral infections. 

2. present continuous 

am being /are being /is being + past participle

The patient is being stabilized prior to surgery. 

3. Past simple

was/were + past participle

She was sent to the Emergency Department by her general practitioner

4. past continuous

was being /were being + past participle 

Mrs Smith and her baby were being looked after by a home nurse when there was no support from the baby’s father

5. Present Perfect

have been/has been + past participle 

Her relatives have been informed regarding her condition. 

6. Past Perfect

had been + past participle 

Ronnie was disappointed as he had not been selected for the game. 

7. Future with will 

will be + past participle

The baby will be delivered by caesarean section tomorrow. 

8. Future with going to 

am going to be / are going to be / is going to be + past participle 

You are not going to be rostered on for night duty next week.

9. Modal verbs

modal verbs + be + past participle

The letters must be submitted prior to his discharge.